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For Deb and Bill

One of the many things I love about my parents is the wonderful people they’ve brought into my life over the years. Two of those people are Deb and Bill. Years ago, Deb worked with my father. When he opened … Continue reading

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I am an Inexcusable Douche. But Please Read Anyway

In the whirlwind of events that have been life lately, I can excuse myself for doing a few dumb things. But I hit a level of forgetful douchitude that even my lenient butt can’t forgive when I forgot to mention this. … Continue reading

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Tunnelton, Granddad and Peace

I have been wanting to write about my grandfather’s funeral for a few weeks now. One of the reasons I hadn’t up until now was, of course, the demise of my former computer and with it my ability to write … Continue reading

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Farewell Trusty Desktop

The good news is, I am posting this from my new laptop. The bad news is, that didn’t come about quite as planned. Last week, my home desktop decided it was worn out. It had hung in there longer than … Continue reading

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An Interview With Terri Sonoda

If we’re lucky, our lives are full of people who make us both laugh and think. They may be our family members, friends, colleagues or next-door neighbors. Or, for those of us who spend time in the blogosphere, they may … Continue reading

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I Might Have Been

My regular Tuesday post has been waylaid by that crazy little thing called life. So, what might I have been doing rather than getting my Tuesday rant or tale in tip-top shape and ready to roll? – I might have been … Continue reading

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