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Ach-Choo and Other Updates

I’d like to say I’m here because I’m a dedicated blogger and that’s what dedicated bloggers do when they haven’t updated in a few days. But the truth is, I need to throw some words around and right now, this … Continue reading

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Fortyish Reflections

I wasn’t exactly fond of turning 40. Who is? But I didn’t fret about it or dread it the way a lot of people do, either. Many who had gone there before me bemoaned “everything falling apart at 40.” To … Continue reading

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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes?

I’m not Cinderella. I don’t have evil stepsisters or a stepmonster. I have a shot fairy, not a fairy godmother. And although I do occasionally have one-sided conversations with a ferret, I don’t know any talking mice. But this week … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth …

I love taking pictures. Back in the pre-digital camera days, I wouldn’t have said that, mainly because getting them developed was a mild pain in the arse. And for me, photography is a hobby I enjoy, but not a passion. … Continue reading

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Apologies to my Red-Headed Stepchild

Dear Blog, Please accept this letter of apology for treating you like the red-headed stepchild this week. I just brought you to life, and the early stages of being are generally when something new needs the most tending. But instead … Continue reading

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