The Short Works


A Wingding and a Prayer

He can’t manage matching shoes and socks, or cobble together the bus fare to get to church. He’s a child in an awkward man’s body, and most of the city looks away when they see him coming. But Wingding changes Eric’s life anyway. Published in the July 2011 issue of eFiction Magazine.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

A tale of a young couple, an eccentric elderly uncle, a beach, a book and some Mexican cuisine. If you want to know more, order The Spirit of Poe Anthology (released July 2012) at Literary Landmark Press. This short story is part of a collection of short fiction and poetry capturing the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe.

The Runaway Who Wasn’t the Bride

This true story of my wedding day will be published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride, which hit bookstores on May 15, 2012. Pre-order here.

The Yes-Man

A tribute to a man of few words but many loving actions in the April 2012 Yes! issue of Sasee Magazine.

On Their Way

These stories have been shipped off to potential publishers and will either be adopted or sent back to search for a different home, but will make their way into the world one way or another …


Tess spends a lot of time in elevators observing human behavior. She has nothing else to do, since she’s a ghost. She’s already been through kicking the bucket, so Tess is surprised that people can still manage to scare her. But that’s exactly what happens when a particularly quirky group of characters end up in the elevator and it gets stuck …

“The Not-So-False Prophet”

Beth is accustomed to her dreams coming true, and not in a Cinderella kind of way. She’s lost friends and loved ones along the way because they’ve ended up the unwilling subject of one of her dream prophecies. When she dreams that the world is coming to an end, she knows she must tell her small circle of friends. But some prophecies are self-fulfilling …

“Let It Go”

While out on a landscaping job, Danny suffers one of those moments we all hope will never happen to us. He’s gotta go, and he’s gotta go now. So he does, in the yard of his client’s neighbor. There’s no one around, so Danny thinks the coast is clear. Little does he know, he’s just done his business in the yard of the biggest busybody in the hood, and she’s out for vengeance. Her quest to punish Danny for his indiscretion will change her own life in ways she couldn’t have imagined …


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