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Step Away From The Book

I’ve spent January working on a big project for The Day Job, watching the playoffs, rejoicing that the third season of Shameless is underway, learning to cook a few new things, visiting the library, discovering “The Following” and “Continuum,” writing and reading blogs, … Continue reading

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Good-Bye Poe Toaster, Hello Superbowl and “The Following”

If the events of January 2013 didn’t bring back Baltimore’s mysterious Poe Toaster, I guess nothing will. First, The Baltimore Ravens made a historical run for the AFC Championship, and will face the San Francisco 49ers in the Superbowl next week. The … Continue reading

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Why I Chose to Seek a Literary Agent

“I have finished the first draft of my novel.” Almost a month has passed since I earned the right to say those words, and they still make me warm and fuzzy, even on an in-the-teens-out-there-cold kind of morning like this … Continue reading

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Football And Our Inner Freakitude

I have never claimed to be “normal.” I’m not even sure what that word means, actually. I basically think we’re all a bunch of weirdos traipsing the planet in search of others who share our particular brand of freakishness. Even … Continue reading

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A New-To-Me Kind of Writer’s Block

Do you have one of those people in your life who shares way too much about their bodily functions? The family member who tells you about her horrible case of the “green poops” over dinner or friend who gives you … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Rolling Forward

It has been so long since I’ve last written that unless you are among those who keep up with my blathering on Facebook, you probably thought I’d given into the woes of a frenzied day-jobbing writer and drowned myself in … Continue reading

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