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On Sketching Jay and Jill

As I’ve delved into various blogs and writer’s resources, I’ve seen a lot of commentary on the character sketch. Some writers just jot notes down on their characters’ personality and appearance as thoughts hit them. Others create whole mini-stories involving … Continue reading

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Weird Because I Write, or Write Because I’m Weird?

I’m a phony. I think most of us are to a certain extent, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. But sometimes, there are pieces of ourselves we have to strap down in the straightjacket to do what … Continue reading

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An Unintentional Menace

That handsome boy in the picture is our cat, Sylvester. The background? That’s my dryer. He’s an unintentional menace. When he’s hungry or feeling affectionate, the danger is to me. When he’s in explorer mode, the risk is to himself. … Continue reading

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The Month In Writing

I haven’t done one of my “accountability updates” in a while. The good news is, that’s because I’ve been writing instead. But I still feel stepping back and taking stock is important. So here’s what I’ve been up to lately. … Continue reading

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On Balancing the Butt and the Brain

A few years ago, Lee and I joined a gym. At the time, I was a project lead for a major system implementation at work. A 10 hour workday was a vacation, and a 12-hour stint was the norm. I’ll … Continue reading

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Laziness Rules …

… well, at least it does when you’re talking about a prince. Instead of a new post from me today, I’m hoping you’ll jump over to Fairy Tale Magazine and read my winning entry to the Enchanted Conversation mini-fiction contest … Continue reading

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Something More Than Shrimp

How many times have you let some little irksome thing about your day ruin your mood? Have you ever missed a precious moment because it wasn’t what you’d had your heart set on instead? My guess is we all have, … Continue reading

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