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The Weekend Was …

  The weekend was: – Heading to the pub and doing a shot of Sambuca in honor of the birthday of a dear friend who passed away far too young, a friend who once told me to never accept less than … Continue reading

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Password This

Recently, a teacher was in the line of fire for posting Facebook status updates about her students being a bunch of dolts. On top of that, there are countless stories of employees who have gotten into trouble over bitching about … Continue reading

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This and That

I pretty much dove into this blog with no preamble. My “About” page is all of two sentences. Since most of the folks who visit this corner of cyberspace are either people who know me in person or those who … Continue reading

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Signs Of Spring

After a long and miserable cold stretch that has made me understand why people get grumpier in January and February, we were treated to a gorgeous stretch of warm days. I love the first warmup of the year. There’s just … Continue reading

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I was 9 or 10 the first time I spent an evening with Stephen King. My parents were out, and I was staying overnight with my grandmother. For some reason, she had a paperback copy of “Salem’s Lot” stashed away in her … Continue reading

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 There was a time in my life when if you’d looked in one of my dresser drawers, you would have seen something like this: Some people become Crazy Cat Ladies. With 6 ferrets in my home, I was well on … Continue reading

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Perfection and Discovery

We had an interesting discussion in the class I’m taking on conflict today. One of the cool things about this class is that it doesn’t just relate to our conflicts with others – but to those within ourselves. When is … Continue reading

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Writerly Checkpoint

One of my goals in starting to blog again is to chronicle my adventures in writing. A lot of my friends use their blogs as a way to track their progress in dieting and weight loss, and actually having to … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I got a little snarky on the romance genre. Today, I’m going to trash Valentine’s Day. If I’m not careful, people are going to start thinking I’m either a bitter, jaded hag or a man posing as a female … Continue reading

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Pseudonyms and Such

When I was a teenager, I used to read a lot of romance novels. I always thought they would be fairly easy to write. Enter stage right. Boy meets girl. Boy chases girl. Boy gets girl. Boy does some bodice-ripping. His willy … Continue reading

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