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The Corn Lady of Hillbilly Road

June is often a bit of a struggle for me. I blame it on the abrupt change in the temperatures. One day, I’m enjoying May’s warm days and cool nights. Then, as if the hot weather has an alarm clock … Continue reading

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Not-So-Foolish Pride

I mentioned several posts back that I’ve really been enjoying the blog of Pittsburgh Steeler’s draft pick Baron Batch. He recently posted an excellent piece on pride and humility. Specifically, he talked about the struggle that lies ahead for him … Continue reading

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A Story Was Born When A Spider Saw Me Naked

I wish I could say there was rhyme and reason to where my story ideas come from. But the truth is, every now and then my brain just plays a random game of “connect the dots,” grabbing a series of seemingly … Continue reading

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Rockin’ The Apocolypse

If you are a writer who actually makes your living with your words, and that was exactly what you wanted to do with your life, I am very happy for you. I’m also thankful that you’re around, because you inspire … Continue reading

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Re-Reading “The Regulators”

Over the weekend, I finished re-reading Stephen King’s “The Regulators.” As I read these days, I look not only to be entertained, but to learn from those I consider masters of my craft. I took quite a bit of learning … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap and Putting It Out There

I’m sitting down to blog awake, alert and refreshed, instead of with the usual insomnia induced grogginess that greets me on Mondays. I took today off, so I slept my Sunday night through without the usual tossing, turning, mental list-making … Continue reading

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My Writer’s Performance Review

It is that time of year in my workplace. You know, that time when  you sit in your bosses office and talk about why you suck or don’t suck, rule the world or need to get off the throne. Performance review … Continue reading

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Ordinary in an Extraordinary World

Since finishing my short story on Saturday, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell, writing wise. Since today is only Monday, I’m not going to complain. There were periods in my life where I went weeks or even months … Continue reading

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You Want Me On That Wall

It is a beautiful Saturday here in Baltimore, and I am seated at my writing desk, my door and windows open to birdsong and a breeze and my hands wrapped around my umpteenth cup of coffee. Lee got up early … Continue reading

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Reading Baron Batch

My Pittsburgh Steelers always make me happy, even in the off-season. No, I’m not talking about Hine Ward’s dance moves, although I love those too. Tonight, I’m doing a happy dance over the fact that they drafted Baron Batch. Honestly, … Continue reading

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