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Waiting for the Walkers: My Hopes for “The Walking Dead’s” 3rd Season

Oh, “Walking Dead”‘ Facebook page … lead me not into temptation. Those who have hung around in these parts for a while know that after watching Season 1 of “Game of Thrones,” I dove into the books and devoured them. … Continue reading

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Irene Over-Hyped? My Butt.

  I’m an admitted Accuweather junkie. In college, I took weather and climate classes to squeak in that science requirement I needed to graduate, and loved them. I just find the whole forecasting thing fascinating. That means I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Notes From The Swamp

Imagine, if you will, that giants exist. I’m not talking 8 or 9 footers either. I mean giants so big that compared to them, we are teeny tiny ants. Now imagine that these humongous creatures have a gym. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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A Plea: No Cold Hard Cash for Casey Anthony

I wasn’t going to give Casey Anthony one second of airtime here in my little corner of cyberspace. She’s gotten way too much publicity already, she seems to enjoy the limelight, and not a damn thing anyone says now can … Continue reading

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Password This

Recently, a teacher was in the line of fire for posting Facebook status updates about her students being a bunch of dolts. On top of that, there are countless stories of employees who have gotten into trouble over bitching about … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I got a little snarky on the romance genre. Today, I’m going to trash Valentine’s Day. If I’m not careful, people are going to start thinking I’m either a bitter, jaded hag or a man posing as a female … Continue reading

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Day From Hell

So, last night, Lee and I decided to get tacos for dinner. There used to be the coolest little Mexican restaurant nearby, with the best taco salads in the world. But they closed, and since it was late and too … Continue reading

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