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Supernovas and Stars

Lee is fascinated with space shows. He will watch National Geographic for hours on end when they’re talking about the Hubble Telescope or whether or not there could be life on other planets. The other night, he was watching something on … Continue reading

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Good-bye Lockout, Hello Football!

Whew, that’s a relief. With the NFL lockouts over and football now a sure thing, Lee and I won’t have to find something new to fight about to keep the spark in our relationship. Like many, I never really doubted … Continue reading

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Writing My Way Out of the Swamp

If you read my Swampass post, you know that summer isn’t my favorite season. When I say “I want to be hot,” I mean I’d love to look like a supermodel. I have no desire to walk out into a … Continue reading

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Technology Killed The Video Store

Lee and I have a movie night about once a week. We’re probably among the few folks who haven’t started Netflixing yet. We simply pick something from our cable “on demand” menu, or run down the street and check out our … Continue reading

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Notes From The Swamp

Imagine, if you will, that giants exist. I’m not talking 8 or 9 footers either. I mean giants so big that compared to them, we are teeny tiny ants. Now imagine that these humongous creatures have a gym. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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Facing Fear

This picture is a little blurrier than I’d like, but the fact that it exists at all is a point in my “kickass” column. I am completely and totally squicked out by spiders. It could be a lot worse. I think … Continue reading

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Writerly Update: ManWhore Surrenders the Spotlight (For A While)

I have a confession to make. I have been cheating on the Man-Whore. Doesn’t that usually work the other way around? I knew this would happen. In fact, when I compiled my “Life List” goals, I gave myself a year … Continue reading

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Writing as Life: Learn, Live, Hope

Today, Hawleyville brings you a guest post from writer and fellow Life-Lister Diana Ligaya. As a fiction writer, Diana has wonderful insight into how the “goals” we create for our characters as we develop them and their storylines relate to our own … Continue reading

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Tied Up

When I was a kid, I liked to dress up and “play princess” like many other girls. I’d clomp around in my mother or grandmother’s high heels and think I couldn’t wait to grow up and have shoes like that of my very … Continue reading

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