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On Your Mark, Get Set … Write!

So I mentioned a few posts back that I’ve entered the Writer’s Weekly 24-hour short story contest, which begins tomorrow at noon. Since this is my first venture into something like this, I’m doing the following to get ready: 1. Dying … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed …

… then try and try again. We all heard that growing up. Whether you were struggling with your math class or trying to squeak onto a varsity sports team, chances are a parent, teacher or coach sang you this mantra somewhere along the way. … Continue reading

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Off the Wheel

Yesterday, I was plotting out some timelines on my work calendar, and I started getting that familiar edgy, restless feeling. I actually felt a little jelly-legged, like a hamster that has run on its wheel for hours. It now has … Continue reading

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Squirrels and Sharing

I used to hold my dream of being a writer close to my chest. That way, if I couldn’t make it come true, no one would know I’d failed. Lately, I’ve been handling things a little differently. I call my new … Continue reading

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Growing Our Garden

Every spring, Lee and I grow a garden together. I have to admit, he does most of the work. Oh, I water and weed, but he’s the guru when it comes to our gardens, whether we’re talking flowers or vegetables.  … Continue reading

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24-Hour Short Story Contest

One of my biggest takeaways from my current writing class is that patience is a virtue. If your mojo is on the rise, you can fly like the wind during the actual story-writing process. But then comes the patience part. … Continue reading

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We All Scoop it Somehow

My “Creativity Training for Writers” class draws to a close this week. It has been a wonderful journey. Along the way, we’ve had some great discussions and tackled some fun “jump start” assignments. One of those assignments was for us … Continue reading

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