An Interview With Terri Sonoda

If we’re lucky, our lives are full of people who make us both laugh and think. They may be our family members, friends, colleagues or next-door neighbors.

Or, for those of us who spend time in the blogosphere, they may be other writers we might never have had the pleasure of knowing without the internet.

Today, we’re spending some time with Terri Sonoda, a woman whose words have brightened many of my days since I stumbled into her Little Corner. I hope you’ll join me in taking some time to get to know Terri. Once you’ve read her interview, please take the time to visit her blog and check out her fiction saga, “Sara’s Sleep.” You won’t be sorry!

    1. If some fool (like me), asked you to describe yourself in 200 words or less, what would you tell them? After, of course, you were finished kicking their butt for putting you on the spot like that.

Anyone who has read my blog knows I enjoy talking about myself, however mundane.   I manage to find humor in most everything.  I consider that a gift, not a curse.  I’ve always been writing in some context, but only took it seriously in the last 1.5 years or so.  Writing makes my world interesting, colorful and worthwhile.  Otherwise, I work and study and watch TV.  Pretty boring.  And?  I’m underwhelmed about today’s Super Bowl, but have high hopes for the commercials.

  1. Tell us a bit about your writing – either works in progress or finished pieces. Where can we find your fiction?

I’ve only been published for three short stories in someone else’s book, but it was an honor.    During this past NaNoWriMo, I completed my first novel and am currently in the editing  process while working on my second novel.  I can’t seem to stop the madness.  I love it. At this point, you can only find my fiction on my blog.  Currently, I’m running a Sunday   continuing saga called, “Sara’s Sleep”.  It’s getting some good reviews so far.  Come on by and check it out!

  1. How long have you been writing, and what inspires you?
    A year and a half.  I’m inspired by so many things, but for purposes of this interview, I’ll just say words.  Words get me all excited and when I read someone who can ‘turn a phrase’ with finesse, I am in awe and totally inspired.
  1. Tell us a bit about your blog. How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to get started? What motivates you to keep your blog going, and how do you come up with ideas?

I’ve been blogging since August 2010.  My blog is named Terri’s Little Corner and it’s a culmination of humor and fiction, with some raw, honest moments thrown in from my lack of self-control.  Again, I love talking about myself.  Annoying at times, but true.  I never have a problem coming up with ideas.  I am an “idea” woman, in business and in writing

  1. What advice would you offer to new writers and/or bloggers?

Most people would tell an aspiring writer/blogger to have a common theme and stick to it.  “Write what you know” and all that crap.  I don’t believe that for a minute.  Variety is what life is all about, and it’s what keeps me interested and motivated.  Sure, employ a theme, if you must, but make sure to throw in a bit of whimsy and/or random thoughts into your blog.  It’s freeing.  And?  People love to read that stuff.

  1. What are your preferred surroundings when writing? Do you need silence or background noise, changes of scenery or a special room or area at home? What helps you kick writer’s block to the curb?

I have two spots that I enjoy when writing.  One is at home in my easy chair in the corner of my living room…laptop, coffee, snacks and TV on in the background.  The other favorite spot is a booth in any coffee shop.  I love to people-watch while I write.

As for Writer’s Block, I stop writing when I come down with this affliction.  I give it a day or so, and I try not to think about it.  Of course, that’s not easy, as I soon go into withdrawals and have to return to the scene of the crime (of not writing).  It eventually works itself to my favor, though.  My problem lies with patience, or the lack thereof.

  1. One of the things that keeps me coming back to your blog is that even when dealing with tough stuff, your words always make me smile. Usually, I truly do “LOL” when reading your posts. What helps you keep looking at the lighter side of life?

Ah this question is near and dear to my heart!   I am 58 years old and have experienced many lifetimes, lived all over the world, been stricken with severe grief and hardships, and conversely, lived an amazingly happy life.  I’ve had it all, so to speak.  I’ve been well-off financially, and then flat-broke.  I’ve seen the goodness and the ugliness of the world.   I choose to look at life with satisfaction and amusement.  There is much to laugh about, if you just look around.  Humor defines and accentuates me, and I’m so very grateful for my natural talents in this area.  Thanks for asking!

  1. You balance work, school and writing. How do you do it all and stay sane?

I don’t.  I am as nutty as a fruitcake.  Seriously.

  1. Guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasure time. When not working, studying or writing, what would we find you doing?

Eating, drinking merlot, watching reality television, online shopping, gambling, enjoying friends, bugging my kids and grandkids.  I can always find ways to be happily busy.  And?  I’m really good at goofing off!

  1. Favorite author(s)? TV show(s)? Food and beverage of choice when life calls for either celebration or stress eating?

Robert McCammon and Stephen King are two of my favorite authors.  Have you ever read “Swan Song” by Robert McCammon?  You won’t be able to put it down.  I am not kidding.

Celebration food and beverage:   Always wine and either pasta (good pasta) or seafood.

Thanks for spending some time here at Hawleyville, Terri! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Terri as much as I did doing this interview.

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20 Responses to An Interview With Terri Sonoda

  1. Terri Sonoda says:

    Hi Pamela! Thank you so much for this lovely post. I am truly humbled.

  2. Vidya Sury says:

    What a pleasure to read this, Terri! Apart from being one of my most favorite bloggers, you’re such a kind person. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of you is a warm hug combined with chuckles. Lovely interview, dear friend! Happy Valentine’s to you and Pamela!

  3. Eva Gallant says:

    What a great interview. I feel like Terri is a celebrity, and I guess she is! I’ve been following her blog for some time and enjoy everything she writes! She’s definitely a talented writer.

  4. How cool! Getting to read your answers and learning even more about you! So glad someone shared the love of you!!!

  5. I LOVE getting to know a side of you here. I am so impressed with your abilities and you do make everything funny in your own special way. And I love every nutty nugget of you!

  6. Kimberly M says:

    Raising hand with you for fruity as a nut cake…but for different reasons 😉
    I love you Terri. Your writing is nothing short of amazing. Your Sara Sleeps story is epic.

  7. Ally says:

    How fun to read this! Love Terri’s blog and her writing. Can’t wait to read the novel she completed and I love her Sara’s Sleep series. Way to go, Terri!

  8. A great interview requires two elements: interesting questions and interesting answers. This was a great interview! 🙂

  9. I love, love, LOVE Terri! Thank you for shining the spotlight on someone so deserving. And thank YOU, Ms. Terri, for being your ever-honest self. ♥

  10. Karla Telega says:

    Terri, just when I think I’ve got you figured out, you throw me a curve. Seafood? You live in Las landlocked Vegas! Great interview Pam and Terri!

  11. unknownmami says:

    Terri, your sense of humor inspires me. I’m not kidding. I am someone who values humor above gold. You made me laugh so quickly and easily that I knew you were special right away. I think wit comes from brilliance and you are quite witty.

  12. *** I am as nutty as a fruitcake. Seriously.**

    I love Nutty. I love Fruitcake. And I love you.

    Great Interview w/ one of my fave. authentic people.

    xxxx Kiss from Me to You.

  13. hawleywood40 says:

    Apologies to Terri and everyone else for taking so long to get in here to approve comments and participate in the discussion m yself. The delay was caused by the sudden and unexpected demise of my home computer last week. I’ve been trying desperately to find time to catch up on stuff at work, but no dice. The good news is, I’m back in business : ). This was such a fun interview to do – those who know Terri already know what a lively, fun and interesting, from-the-heart person she is. For those who met her for the first time through this interview, I hope you’re intrigued enough to check out her blog and especially her fiction series there. Happy weekend all!

  14. Marcia says:

    Great interview, Pam. Terri is new to me, but I stopped over at her blog and plan to go back after she resumes blogging. It’s nice to get to know her a bit in the meantime. I always enjoy someone wittier than I!

  15. Terri Sonoda says:

    Hello everyone! Pam, my old bloggy friends, my new ones! Just dropping in from my “social networking break” to say hello and thank you for the lovely comments. I am having withdrawals from the social stuff but my reasons for taking a break still stand and I’m definitely making some progress in the other parts of my life. I’ll be back “full-steam” on March 1st, and my very first blog entry will be my own twisted/cracked take on Not blogging. Until then, HUGS. And? I am reading all your blogs (you didn’t know that, did you?) because I just can’t stop cold turkey. I am a weak woman. So sue me.

    • hawleywood40 says:

      Sometimes a little break is the best thing for your creativity, Terri! I didn’t plan on this one (especially so soon after the one I DID plan), but not being online all the time has opened up a lot of new thoughts and ideas and made me more attentive to what I’m doing or reading when I *AM* here. Enjoy your break and looking forward to having you fully back in action!

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