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An Experiment in Life as a Dayjobless Writer

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those writers. You know the type – maybe you even ARE one too. We plod along at a snail’s pace on our works-in-progress. We bounce from project to project and it takes us forever to finish anything. … Continue reading

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I’ll be honest. The picture I’ve chosen for this has nothing to do with the story itself. But it is one of the few scanned shots I have of my Momma and I at roughly the age we were when these … Continue reading

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The Corn Lady of Hillbilly Road

June is often a bit of a struggle for me. I blame it on the abrupt change in the temperatures. One day, I’m enjoying May’s warm days and cool nights. Then, as if the hot weather has an alarm clock … Continue reading

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Off the Wheel

Yesterday, I was plotting out some timelines on my work calendar, and I started getting that familiar edgy, restless feeling. I actually felt a little jelly-legged, like a hamster that has run on its wheel for hours. It now has … Continue reading

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