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Sunsets and Sharing

Here I come again, poking my head in the door for a quickie before I roll on back to the land of Manwhores, work and summer chaos. The writing has been a little slow the last two weeks, because hours … Continue reading

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Weaselin’ My Way Through A Hurricane

If you blog-reader types are anything like my people, you are completely and totally sick of talking heads telling you about the wild ride that was Hurricane Irene. You probably especially feel that way if she stopped by your neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Writing My Way Out of the Swamp

If you read my Swampass post, you know that summer isn’t my favorite season. When I say “I want to be hot,” I mean I’d love to look like a supermodel. I have no desire to walk out into a … Continue reading

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Notes From The Swamp

Imagine, if you will, that giants exist. I’m not talking 8 or 9 footers either. I mean giants so big that compared to them, we are teeny tiny ants. Now imagine that these humongous creatures have a gym. Yeah, I … Continue reading

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Facing Fear

This picture is a little blurrier than I’d like, but the fact that it exists at all is a point in my “kickass” column. I am completely and totally squicked out by spiders. It could be a lot worse. I think … Continue reading

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Something More Than Shrimp

How many times have you let some little irksome thing about your day ruin your mood? Have you ever missed a precious moment because it wasn’t what you’d had your heart set on instead? My guess is we all have, … Continue reading

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The Wind-Up Willy

This weekend was filled with chaos, the smell of ass, and chocolate pudding. For my niece’s 14th birthday, my sister organized a camp-out party in my family’s backyard. My parents have the perfect yard for such a venture:  an inground pool, lots … Continue reading

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