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Pet Names

“Whatcha want, Skeeter?” I called across the room the other night, using the voice I reserve for baby-talking to my cat. He’d been meowing at me while I tried to check my email. Sylvester stretched and looked at me like … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Moment For Pet Parents: What We’d Tell Our Critters if We Could

You know those annoying people who think of their pets as children? The ones who joke that we should be able to claim our furry family members as dependents because dammit, vet bills are expensive? I’m one of them. I … Continue reading

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Bundles, Weasels and Words

“He’s just so damn … weasely!”  My co-worker’s grimace made it look like he’d just bitten into a lemon. Or maybe leftovers that had been in the fridge long enough to have a fuzzy green undercoat. “Hey!” I yelped before … Continue reading

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Home for the Holidays: Have Weasels, Will Travel

Although I haven’t lived in my parents’ house for over 20 years, it is where you will always find me on Christmas morning. It doesn’t even matter that now that my niece is a teenager, we no longer have true … Continue reading

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Weaselin’ My Way Through A Hurricane

If you blog-reader types are anything like my people, you are completely and totally sick of talking heads telling you about the wild ride that was Hurricane Irene. You probably especially feel that way if she stopped by your neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Is That A Weasel In Your Pants?

Now that summer has set in, my legs are covered with claw-marks. Just as they start to fade, I pay my weekly visit to my grandparents and come home with a whole new set. My grandparents have a Boston Terrior … Continue reading

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An Unintentional Menace

That handsome boy in the picture is our cat, Sylvester. The background? That’s my dryer. He’s an unintentional menace. When he’s hungry or feeling affectionate, the danger is to me. When he’s in explorer mode, the risk is to himself. … Continue reading

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We All Scoop it Somehow

My “Creativity Training for Writers” class draws to a close this week. It has been a wonderful journey. Along the way, we’ve had some great discussions and tackled some fun “jump start” assignments. One of those assignments was for us … Continue reading

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 There was a time in my life when if you’d looked in one of my dresser drawers, you would have seen something like this: Some people become Crazy Cat Ladies. With 6 ferrets in my home, I was well on … Continue reading

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The Black and White Terror

My neighbors define the words “animal people.” At current count, they have 11 ferrets in their house. Before you call “Animal Hoarders,” let me explain. These are the most-loved, best-cared-for ferrets you have ever seen. They are all fat, furry … Continue reading

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