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Yo’ Momma (And Yo’ Momma Alone)

On Mother’s Day, we go out of our way to show our Mommas how loved they are and how much we appreciate all they’ve done and continue to do. Moms are caretakers, nurturers, drill sargeants, doctors, maids, teachers and spiritual … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Moment For Pet Parents: What We’d Tell Our Critters if We Could

You know those annoying people who think of their pets as children? The ones who joke that we should be able to claim our furry family members as dependents because dammit, vet bills are expensive? I’m one of them. I … Continue reading

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Of Grownup Gratitude

¬† Me and Dad – Then A lot of people say my father has a horseshoe up his butt. When it comes to luck, yes, he’s “that guy.” He will hit the lottery or win the impossible bet. Not all … Continue reading

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I’ll be honest. The picture I’ve chosen for this has nothing to do with the story itself. But it is one of the few scanned shots I have of my Momma and I at roughly¬†the age we were when these … Continue reading

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