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An Experiment in Life as a Dayjobless Writer

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those writers. You know the type – maybe you even ARE one too. We plod along at a snail’s pace on our works-in-progress. We bounce from project to project and it takes us forever to finish anything. … Continue reading

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Lead, Follow, Neither? Reflections of a Suitophobic Freak

Every once in a while, I get hit with a revelation. Usually, this happens when I have spent a few too many hours hanging out with the shot fairy. But every now and then, I get slapped upside the head … Continue reading

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Technology Killed The Video Store

Lee and I have a movie night about once a week. We’re probably among the few folks who haven’t started Netflixing yet. We simply pick something from our cable “on demand” menu, or run down the street and check out our … Continue reading

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Monday Moans

For the longest time, I hated Mondays with, as a friend of mine would put it, “the white-hot passion of a thousand suns.” My hatred of Back-to-Business day was almost pathological. I wasn’t just greeting the Monday morning sun by … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye BIC?

My first employer after graduating from college was a culinary school that sits in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Back then (the mid 90’s) it was called “Baltimore International Culinary College.” Now, it is “BIC,” or “Baltimore International College.” I … Continue reading

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On Balancing the Butt and the Brain

A few years ago, Lee and I joined a gym. At the time, I was a project lead for a major system implementation at work. A 10 hour workday was a vacation, and a 12-hour stint was the norm. I’ll … Continue reading

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Of Strippers, Newsrooms and Squandered Opportunities

In my 20th year, I did something that will make young writer-hopefuls all over the world – along with the older writer I have become  – want to kick me. I was given a chance to spend the summer working at a … Continue reading

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A Plea for the Cube Zombies

A while back, I was perusing the submission guidelines of a horror magazine, and stumbled on an instruction that made me a little sad. The editors informed authors in no uncertain terms that if they wanted a shot at publication, … Continue reading

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My Writer’s Performance Review

It is that time of year in my workplace. You know, that time when  you sit in your bosses office and talk about why you suck or don’t suck, rule the world or need to get off the throne. Performance review … Continue reading

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