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An Experiment in Life as a Dayjobless Writer

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those writers. You know the type – maybe you even ARE one too. We plod along at a snail’s pace on our works-in-progress. We bounce from project to project and it takes us forever to finish anything. … Continue reading

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Lead, Follow, Neither? Reflections of a Suitophobic Freak

Every once in a while, I get hit with a revelation. Usually, this happens when I have spent a few too many hours hanging out with the shot fairy. But every now and then, I get slapped upside the head … Continue reading

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Technology Killed The Video Store

Lee and I have a movie night about once a week. We’re probably among the few folks who haven’t started Netflixing yet. We simply pick something from our cable “on demand” menu, or run down the street and check out our … Continue reading

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Monday Moans

For the longest time, I hated Mondays with, as a friend of mine would put it, “the white-hot passion of a thousand suns.” My hatred of Back-to-Business day was almost pathological. I wasn’t just greeting the Monday morning sun by … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye BIC?

My first employer after graduating from college was a culinary school that sits in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Back then (the mid 90’s) it was called “Baltimore International Culinary College.” Now, it is “BIC,” or “Baltimore International College.” I … Continue reading

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On Balancing the Butt and the Brain

A few years ago, Lee and I joined a gym. At the time, I was a project lead for a major system implementation at work. A 10 hour workday was a vacation, and a 12-hour stint was the norm. I’ll … Continue reading

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Of Strippers, Newsrooms and Squandered Opportunities

In my 20th year, I did something that will make young writer-hopefuls all over the world – along with the older writer I have become  – want to kick me. I was given a chance to spend the summer working at a … Continue reading

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