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Gettin’ Dirty

I’ve been overcome with a desire to play in the dirt. I want to sit in the grass with morning dew soaking my butt. I want to weed my gardens. I wasn’t much of a gardener until I hit my … Continue reading

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Facing Fear

This picture is a little blurrier than I’d like, but the fact that it exists at all is a point in my “kickass” column. I am completely and totally squicked out by spiders. It could be a lot worse. I think … Continue reading

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On Growing Words and Lettuce

I have been a craptastic gardener this summer, but you’d never know it from my backyard. Instead of everything shriveling up and blowing away as it surely would if things were left to me, our gardens are thriving. That’s all … Continue reading

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Growing Our Garden

Every spring, Lee and I grow a garden together. I have to admit, he does most of the work. Oh, I water and weed, but he’s the guru when it comes to our gardens, whether we’re talking flowers or vegetables.  … Continue reading

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