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Dumpster Diving

At work the other day, I saw a heartbreaking bit of bathroom-stall graffiti. I work on the college campus that spit me out with a bachelor’s degree almost 20 years ago. On the way back from a meeting, I cut through a … Continue reading

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Spring Break, Part 2

This is Part 2 of last week’s Spring Break fiasco. If you missed part 1, please go here or scroll on down to the first post before continuing. “Ummm … I wanted to see the beach?” It came out as … Continue reading

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Spring Break

For many, those words probably conjure up thoughts of “Girls Gone Wild” videos and piles of students descending on Florida in bikinis, tank tops and flip flops. These days, what Spring Break means to me is a few days off work. That’s … Continue reading

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There’s a Time For Everything. Its Called College.

In spite of the fact that it is the month my workplace becomes complete and total chaos, I have always loved September. It is still hot and summery, but there’s a gradual shift in the air. If you get up early enough … Continue reading

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Supernovas and Stars

Lee is fascinated with space shows. He will watch National Geographic for hours on end when they’re talking about the Hubble Telescope or whether or not there could be life on other planets. The other night, he was watching something on … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye BIC?

My first employer after graduating from college was a culinary school that sits in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Back then (the mid 90’s) it was called “Baltimore International Culinary College.” Now, it is “BIC,” or “Baltimore International College.” I … Continue reading

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Of Strippers, Newsrooms and Squandered Opportunities

In my 20th year, I did something that will make young writer-hopefuls all over the world – along with the older writer I have become  – want to kick me. I was given a chance to spend the summer working at a … Continue reading

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