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Finding Thankfulness: Getting it Down in Writing

In last Friday’s round of Life List Club guest posts, Jess Witkins lit up Hawleyville with her discussion on being thankful for the small things and keeping a gratitude journal. I say “lit up,” because I think that’s exactly what … Continue reading

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Sylvester Says …

“Mrrrrrowwwww. Here we go again. Another season of my people acting like idiots and making me where stupid hats. Where’s the catnip?” I say – Go Steelers : )!

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Facing Fear

This picture is a little blurrier than I’d like, but the fact that it exists at all is a point in my “kickass” column. I am completely and totally squicked out by spiders. It could be a lot worse. I think … Continue reading

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An Unintentional Menace

That handsome boy in the picture is our cat, Sylvester. The background? That’s my dryer. He’s an unintentional menace. When he’s hungry or feeling affectionate, the danger is to me. When he’s in explorer mode, the risk is to himself. … Continue reading

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Of Grownup Gratitude

  Me and Dad – Then A lot of people say my father has a horseshoe up his butt. When it comes to luck, yes, he’s “that guy.” He will hit the lottery or win the impossible bet. Not all … Continue reading

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A Story Was Born When A Spider Saw Me Naked

I wish I could say there was rhyme and reason to where my story ideas come from. But the truth is, every now and then my brain just plays a random game of “connect the dots,” grabbing a series of seemingly … Continue reading

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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes?

I’m not Cinderella. I don’t have evil stepsisters or a stepmonster. I have a shot fairy, not a fairy godmother. And although I do occasionally have one-sided conversations with a ferret, I don’t know any talking mice. But this week … Continue reading

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