Writer’s Conference Straight Ahead …

Yes, I’m still living my “nothing but the novel” rule as far as writing goes. But I’m giddy and need to share the joy with my writing friends.

Since my hiatus began, I have made some needed edits and rewrites to the 19,000 words that were the beginning of the story of Dead Man-Whore Jay and Haunted Jill. And in the last week, 7,000 new words have made their way to the page on top of that. The story has “gelled” in my head. It knew where it was going before, but had so many what-ifs and details that had to work their way out as I got to know my characters and wrote them.

Part of the new 7,000 words is a prologue that was much-needed for me to understand how what happened to Jay came to be. I am positively bouncing off walls with inspiration and ideas.

In other words, this is working.

I also learned that there will be a writing conference here in Baltimore in late October. So my new goal is to have the book completed by then. By finished, I mean I want the story completely told and to be well on my way with any necessary edits and rewrites. I know there may be more to be done by then, but if I get this far I feel like I can go to the conference and take the opportunity to “pitch” what I’m doing. I won’t get such an opportunity for another year unless I embark on travels that are out of my budgetary scope, so I need to seize this chance. This is motivating me even more.

I’ve never been to a writer’s conference. I’d love to hear from those of you who have gone. Did you take advantage of the chance to meet with editors, writers, agents? How did it go for you?

Okay, I’m crawling back into my hole now. I just had to share how things are going, and ask for feedback on writers conferences from those of you who have “been there, done that.”

I hope your summers have been the perfect blend of fun in the sun and writing away!


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10 Responses to Writer’s Conference Straight Ahead …

  1. Marcia says:

    Truly exciting, Pam! Jess Witkins’ has been to 2 conferences. You should talk to her. I know she loved them. What conference is it that’s coming to Baltimore. I’d like to see if that would be affordable for me. Glad your hiatus is going so well! Keep writing!

  2. hawleywood40 says:

    It is the Maryland Writer’s Association’s annual conference. They haven’t started registration or posted the fees yet, but as soon as I see that go up I will let you know! Getting to meet and hang out would make the conference even better!

  3. Jenny Hansen says:

    Pam, how exciting for you!!! You keep at it, sister. I have a great feeling about this story and your conference. 🙂

    • hawleywood40 says:

      Thanks Jenny! I’ve always felt good about the story, but with this refocus “good” is becoming “great!” I hope your muse has been hanging out with you too!

  4. T. R. Kolbe says:

    I went to my first writer’s conference in April of this year and had a great time. I learned so much and can’t wait to go again next year. I wanted to have my first draft finished by the time I went, but that didn’t happen–and I’m kind of glad. I was a lot more relaxed while I was there and it was easier to talk to people about my novel without all the pressure. Since it wasn’t finished I did not do any of the pitch sessions.

    One thing I would recommend is staying at the hotel where the conference is held. For financial reasons and because the conference was close enough (40 min one way), I did not stay at the hotel. With all the traveling and getting up earlier than normal, I was too exhausted to attend early morning classes or stay later than 5 pm and I started to fall asleep in some of the afternoon classes. Because there were no vegan options, I missed all the breakfasts and dinners, the meet & greet, and all but one lunch (next time I know to bring my own food to the table). I talked with some, but I did not get a chance to meet that many people. I did speak with a publisher who helped me figure out what genre my work fit into and that alone was worth all the money I paid!

    I’d definitely recommend attending in October whether you finish your manuscript or not (I finished mine a month later). Good luck!

    • hawleywood40 says:

      Thank you for all the insight! I will definitely go even if I don’t quite make my mark and have the novel finished. I do feel like I can have the story completed well before then – the question is really how far along I’ll be with editing and rewrites! But I’m assuming one of the things I might get out the conference is pointers on that part of the process. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay in the hotel unless I’m unexpectedly in a different financial situation than I am today. With the conference being so (15 minutes if that) close to home, I just couldn’t justify that to myself when the Christmas shopping season kicks in. But I’m definitely in a position to get there early and hang out late, so I’ll be able to take full advantage of all the networking opportunities!

  5. The best thing about a writer’s conference is not only do you learn a lot, but they help you realize that you really are a writer. Keep writing!

    • hawleywood40 says:

      Thanks Diana – I am so excited! When the hot, muggy days of summer start dragging me off to Lazyland, I think about crisp cool October mornings and the writer’s conference : )!

  6. golfwidow says:

    I’ve been waiting to read a book with your name on the cover for years now. Keep doing what you do.

    By the way, you won another one of those blogging awards that the bank won’t accept as collateral against your new mansion. Sorry about that. You can steal the image from here: http://www.golfwidow.net/archives/012340.html

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