Hawleyville Late Spring Hiatus

Dear Friends,

Lots going on in my little neck of the woods, including two major testing efforts at work on top of the same-old-same-old daily crazy, preparing for and giving a presentation at a local conference in early June, and writing submissions for two potential publishing opportunities with late June deadlines. In an effort to squeeze in some gardening, working on the book (which is positively bawling for attention these days, poor thing) and yeah, just having a little fun now and then, I’ll be  taking a blog hiatus until Tuesday, June 19th. Things should settle down a little by then, and I’ll also be embarking on a stint of taking lots of summer days off to play AND write, so I plan to return refreshed, re-energized and ready to entertain.

Write on, my friends – see you soon!


About hawleywood40

Writer, Steelers Fan in Baltimore, Frequent Visitor to the Shot Fairy
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9 Responses to Hawleyville Late Spring Hiatus

  1. littleoddme says:

    Good plan! Here’s wishing you get everything done and get to return to the blogiverse refreshed!!

  2. Good for you. I wish you lots of productive and rest (in equal portions). I’m fixing on doing the same thing. So, too, are several of the bloggers I follow. I wonder if it’s something in the air? 😉

  3. Terri Sonoda says:

    You.Shall.Be.Missed! However, I totally understand needing a bloggy break. Take care and Enjoy!

  4. It’s hard to get everything in, isn’t it? Take your break and come back brimming with ideas. Catch you later!

  5. Jeff says:

    Have fun! Be careful…see you when you get back.

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