Gaming the Game (of Thrones)

So, HBO’s first season of the “Game of Thrones” series came to a dramatic end Sunday. I’ll be eagerly awaiting season 2, but spring 2012 is a long way off.

As usual, HBO turned out high quality television that quickly had me addicted. They did the same thing with “True Blood,” which unlike GOT often strayed far away from the books on which it is based. So I was surprised at just how close GOT stayed to  George R. R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Most know that a bit of a head-turning shocker came at the end of the next-to-the-last episode – a shocker for those who hadn’t read the books, anyway. I had gotten that far along in the first book just days before. So I knew what was coming, but my angry amazement hadn’t had time to wear off yet before I was watching it on TV. I still found myself sitting there kind of slackjawed while Lee cursed at the TV.

I’ve since finished the first book. Before I dive into the next one any further than the few pages I’ve read, I thought it would be fun to throw out some predictions. Yeah, I’m a geek. But one thing I learned in the first season and book is that GOT is far from predictable. Anything can happen, and it does.

So these predictions from a relative GOT newbie should be entertaining for those who have read the whole series. If Martin ever saw this, he’d probably chuckle in his beer and say “fooled another one – a LOT.”

If I’m right, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If I’m wrong, I’ll get to laugh at myself later this summer when I’ve devoured the rest of the books.

Warning: This are just predictions about what I THINK could happen. But sometimes it is hard to play with the future without giving the past away, so if you are behind in watching the series and/or reading the first book, you may want to skip the rest of this.

Read on. Have a laugh. Or call me a dork and tell me to get a life. Your call.

Game of Thrones Book II/Second Season Predictions

1. Ned Stark’s bastard Jon Snow is going to be a major player. He’s just what the Night Watch needs. He’ll get closer to learning who his mother is, and that will throw his role even more into question …and maybe scare a wannabe king or two.  

2. Come to think of it, the coming events are all about the bastards. There’s a reason we see Arya Stark meeting Gendry (King Robert’s bastard) in the season finale. These two will be brewing up something major soon …

3. Right behind the bastards is the previously disdained Tyrion. With his favorite son a Stark prisoner, Tywin Lannister is finally giving his “halfman” son a second glance. I’m lovin’ this, since I think Tyrion has the best lines in both the show and the books. And I honestly think he’ll be just as conniving as Cersei, but smarter and more noble. He’s got something almost like a heart, even if it is a little twisted.  

4. The living Baratheon brothers (Renly and the as-yet-unseen Stannis), will both turn out to be doucherockets. Stannis may have the rightful claim to the throne, but for some reason I sense we aren’t going to want him to have it.

5. Littlefinger will come sniffing after Catelyn. I haven’t figured out yet what I think her reaction will be. I hope it is to tell him where he can stick his little finger.

6. Robb Stark, the new King of the North, is basically a good guy. But he’s about to get a serious case of crown-swelled Bighead. Hopefully he’ll grow up in time to rectify any damage it does.

7. Daenerys Targaryn will lie low for a while with her dragons, allowing them to grow. I don’t know how long it takes a dragon to get big and badass in Martin’s world, so if the little buggers grow up quick she’ll be a major player in the next book/season. When she does move along, she’s going to intersect with the Night Watchers. Its no coincidence that both she and her trusted Jorah Mormont have living relatives on the Wall, and that she has no clue that hers exists.

8. Bran Stark is coming into some sort of strange and as-yet unexplained gift or power as a result of his crippling injury. He has much more ahead of him than sitting in Winterfell trying to remember who shoved him out of that tower. His new gifts have something to do with those crow dreams and are connected to the direwolves. He may prove to be even more of a leader than Robb.

9. The other person at Winterfell who will become more of a player is Osha. She’ll be integral in Bran’s storyline.

10. Now that her eyes have been opened and her heart broken in a million ways, Sansa Stark will grow from a sniveling, snotty teenage gold-digger into a woman proud of her family’s honor and eager for revenge. She’ll grow some balls and get it, too, or at least play a major part in Joff’s downfall. For starters, she’s going to learn to work the fact that The Hound is almost nice to her in rare moments to her advantage, yank his leash away from Joff, and wrap him around her own little finger.

And Joff? He’ll be attacked by The Others and tossed to the direwolves.

Okay, that last one is purely wishful thinking on my part.

If you’re as geeky about Games as I am, feel free to jump in with your own predictions. Unless you’ve read farther than the first book – in that case go ahead and point and laugh.

And if you’ve never watched the series or read the books, you deserve a serious gold star for reading this post anyway. Or maybe a crown – there sure are enough of them going around!


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6 Responses to Gaming the Game (of Thrones)

  1. I really need to watch Game of Thrones. It sounds very exciting. I enjoy as always reading your posts. thanks for sharing.

  2. Katy says:

    I’ve just watched episode one and am looking forward to the rest of the season! I love True Blood so am confident I won’t be disappointed!

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