New Markets for the Short Storyteller

Of course, the long Memorial Day weekend found me going to cookouts and hanging out at the pool. But I also spent some time working on the writing I knew would get a little neglected over the next two weeks, which are hell on a silver platter at my workplace.

In addition to making some final tweaks to “Let it Go” and finishing my new, much shorter piece of fiction based on my naked encounter with a spider, I did some research on potential markets for my work. I found two particularly interesting new possibilities and wanted to share them with other writers.

1. In the Snake Magazine

In the Snake is a new online magazine, slated to be published for the first time in October of this year. While they are currently accepting short fiction only, they may expand to non-fiction, essays and other genres in the future.

It is always a little difficult to determine the style a publication is seeking when you can’t “sample the wares” by seeing what types of writing they’ve already published. So in a way, my submission to them may be a shot in the dark. Because I’m quickly learning that this business is a lot of shots in the dark until you eventually hit the bullseye, I’m okay with that.

They do say in their submissions guidelines that they are “especially interested in stories that focus on character development, perception of self, and interpersonal relationships that reflect the nature of the human experience.”

I’m looking forward to trying my luck with them, and to seeing their first issue this fall.

2. One Buck Horror  

One Buck Horror’s concept is especially interesting to me. Run by a husband-and-wife team, it is to be a series of ebook anthologies of short horror fiction. The first one will be published this summer, and the stories to appear in it have already been selected, but they are accepting submissions for future issues.

One Buck Horror’s submission guidelines ask for “short, sharp shocks that stay with you long after you’ve stopped reading, and leave you wanting more.” They’re not looking for Twilight-esque vampires, and are only seeking short fiction at this time. They also have a strict 3,000 word limit for consideration.

I really look forward to reading the first six stories One Buck Horror puts out this summer. I love discovering new horror writers and short disturbing tales are my idea of perfect summertime poolside reading. Nothing like giving yourself a little chill on a hot summer day! In the meantime, I’m going to send them my spider-inspired piece, in hopes that my vengeful arachnids find a home.

Both One Buck Horror and In the Snake accept online submissions. 

While I’m talking about potential markets, I also wanted to mention how I learn of some of my most intriguing options. Many of you who write probably already know about C. Hope Clark’s web site, Funds for Writers. She also offers a weekly email newsletter called FFW Small Markets.

The newsletter comes on Fridays, and always features an interesting and helpful article on writing and publishing as well as a bounty of contests and paying markets. The title of the newsletter, “Small Markets,” is evidence that you aren’t going to get rich writing for these publications. But they are always respectable paying markets, always actively seeking submissions, and always provide clear guidelines. My Friday afternoon visit to my email always finds the newsletter, and reading through it is often like opening gifts.

Sometimes, the publications highlighted in the newsletter aren’t really for me. Those are kind of like getting yet another poofy sweatshirt from your grandma on your birthday. Other times, there are several real gems – markets that seem to have been invented to showcase the type of writing I love and try to do well. I consider it one of the most valuable resources out there for the writer who is a novice when it comes to actually getting published.

Happy Writing!


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9 Responses to New Markets for the Short Storyteller

  1. shelly says:

    Know what you mean about Funds for Writers.

  2. Marcia says:

    Great post! Thanks for the leads…I’ll certainly check them out!

  3. tsonoda148 says:

    Thank you for the info on the sites. Wow, I’d like to submit a couple things. Headed over there now. Awesome!


  4. TiffanyK says:

    Thank you for all the helpful links. Great post!

  5. akamonsoon says:

    I hope these leads will work out for you. What a great idea!

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