Happy Birthday Lee!

Pam and Lee

Pam and Lee

Tomorrow is Wednesday – the working Joe or Jane’s day of the week where you’ve been so thoroughly wacked with the office baseball bats that you’re bruised and gimpy, and you know you still have plenty more miles to hobble til the next break.

It my neck of the woods, it is also going to be rainy.

But in spite of all that, it is a special day, because it is my best friend and partner’s birthday.

Now that we’re solidly into the “F-year” birthdays, we’d both rather ignore them than have them pointed out to us. But I can’t let his go by without thanking him for being who he is, and for reminding him yet again that I’m glad he’s here. Birthdays may suck, but they’re way better than the alternative. So:

1. Thank you for making our home and our yard beautiful. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably have a jungle growing out there.

2. Thank you for loving me even when though when it comes to football, one of us will always have to be the loser.

3. Thank you for accepting the fact that I am as close as you can get to being an idiot savant without the “savant” part. I am an airhead, and the cells still zinging and zipping in my brain are completely consumed with working and writing. It is a miracle that I remember to get out of my PJs in the morning and that I have made it to the F-years myself without getting squashed by a bus or something. But you love me anyway.

4. Thank you for being creative and funny.

5. Thank you for loving our critters as much as I do, even though we both sometimes wonder how so much poop can come out of things that are so small.

6. Thank you for being a good cook. If it was up to me, pickles, olives and crackers would be considered a well-balanced meal.

7.  Thank you for chasing the monsters away, even though most of the time they are only in my head.

8. Thank you for thinking I’m cute even though more often than not my idea of sexy is throwing on my Steelers flannels.

9. Thank you for being adorable yourself.

10. Thank you for still giving the best hugs and kisses ever.

Happy Birthday, Lee. I love you.


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6 Responses to Happy Birthday Lee!

  1. The best birthday gift we could give to those we care about is by letting them know that we are thankful for their presence in our lives and the difference they make. That we will be incomplete without them. On my 4oth Bday, I asked my wife NOT to give me any material present, all I want is for her to support me in my dreams and to bear my annoying imperfections. A toast to you and Lee.thanks for sharing. great post.

  2. Thanks Pam, I love you too ! Other than that I am speechless. Thanks everyone !

  3. The Hook says:

    Very nice birthday post. Heartfelt and realisticly romantic.

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