The Weekend Was …


The weekend was:

– Heading to the pub and doing a shot of Sambuca in honor of the birthday of a dear friend who passed away far too young, a friend who once told me to never accept less than being loved like I deserved to be loved. Everyone says that, of course, but it meant so much more coming from Bill, because he lived those words every single day in the way he cherished his wife.

– Watching my ferret do the weasel war dance and listening to him to him cluck and dook with pure glee. I think Vin senses the changes in the season, because he is full of energy and life. Anyone who has had ferrets knows that when they get older, those moments when the little guys are full of spastic energy are like salve on all your unspoken worries about the health issues that come with their old age. I guess you can say the same for the people in your life, but a ferret is like a little ball of proof that you’re only as old as you act and feel.

– Curling up on the couch with my Kindle and diving into Salem’s Lot, the next in my efforts to revisit the Stephen King goodies of my childhood, and letting it scare me so bad that I actually had to put it down and play on Facebook until Lee returned from a late-night run to the store. I didn’t want to be home alone with Straker and Danny Glick after dark. I did, however, bond with them again this afternoon, sitting out in a lawn chair with a gingerale and some late afternoon sun, even though it was a little chilly.

– Walking a hiking trail at a local state park with Lee, and coming to a place where he decided to climb over a rock to get to another slice of broken trail. I took one look at the hill and the jagged, slippery slope, then glanced over my shoulder at the river and imagined how bright and gooey my brains would look splattered on the rocks below. So I sat on a nice little ledge and waited for him to get done playing adventurer. On the way back down the trail, we laughed about how when we do these hikes, I am always the one who wants to walk longer and farther, like an energizer bunny that doesn’t want to quit. But I like to do my walking on gentle, unbroken trails, with birdsong in the trees and leaves crunching under my feet and a stream babbling below. He’s ready to stop sooner, but while we’re out there he’s also the one who wants to explore the roughest terrain and see what’s to be seen. He likes rocks and hills and climbing over trees that have fallen in the path to find shortcuts or beauty we might not otherwise see. There’s a metaphor for our lives in there somewhere.

– Finished the last lesson in my publishing course and took the “final exam.” The class is a personal development thing and will never be graded or go on any transcript. But I approached it with the seriousness of a college student during finals week, and did well. I walk away from the experience with a lot of helpful tidbits in my writer’s toolbox and look forward to my next class, which starts in a few weeks.

– Did testing for a system upgrade that was done this weekend for work. I have no happy little revelation to go along with this snippet. Working on the weekend sucks. So instead I’ll just say I was happy to be able to cram so much life into what was left my Saturday and Sunday anyway, in spite of work – the vampire that sucks away our Mondays-Fridays – sinking its pointy little fangs into the weekend too.

Hmmm … maybe I managed to spend a little too much time in ‘Salem’s Lot?

The weekend isn’t over just yet. We’re closing it out with steaks and baked potatoes with sour cream. I ran into the store to grab some steak sauce for this dinner earlier, and as the cashier was ringing up my purchase she belched like a champ in a beer guzzling contest. Booger from “Revenge of the Nerds” had nothing on this chick. She smiled, excused herself, said she had indigestion and had been doing that all day, and did I need a bag?

I told Lee that may have made up for not seeing any wildlife on our hiking jaunt.


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2 Responses to The Weekend Was …

  1. l'empress says:

    I don’t know if it’s a metaphor. However, I do know that I was always grateful for a relationship where each of us had specialties that filled in where the other lacked. It worked for a very long time.

  2. akamonsoon says:

    Outside of working it sounds like a great weekend! You are like me as far as the scare factor is concerned. Many a night I’ve gone to bed with the light on and have had to explain to hubby that I had either read something terrifying or was watching one of those real life paranormal ghost hunting shows. LOL.

    So true about ferrets! We have to cherish each moment with them. 🙂

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